Jean  DiPirro

Jean DiPirro

Associate Professor
(716) 878-4317
Campus Address: Classroom Building C316

Dr. Jean DiPirro received her Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University at Buffalo. She has been a faculty member at Buffalo State since 2001.

Research Interests

psychostimulant-induced neural adaptations in neuropeptide neurotransmission in the forebrain and their role in behavioral adaptations associated with psychostimulant use and abuse, experience-induced adaptations in defensive and affiliative behaviors and the underlying neural and hormonal mechanisms mediating these adapatations, peptide and monoaminergic regulation of somatosensory (touch and pain) perception.

Courses Usually Taught

  • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 101)
  • Health Psychology (PSY 376)
  • Abnormal Psychology (PSY 411)
  • Physiological Psychology (PSY 421)
  • Introduction to Neuropsychology (PSY 441)
  • Senior Seminar (PSY 472)

Recent Students Mentored

Caitlin McEntarfer
Conference presentation: McEntarfer, C. K. M., DiPirro, J. M., & Paige, D. A. (2003, April). The effects of gender & age on pain perception. Southwestern Psychological Association, New Orleans, LA.
Paper submission: McEntarfer, C. K. M., DiPirro, J. M., & Paige, D. A. (submitted). The effects of gender and aging on pain perception. Psi Chi Journal.
Grad school: Ph.D. program in Clinical Gerontology at the University of Kentucky

Allison Conradi
Study: The effect of antioxidant ingestion on spatial learning in the young rat [Spring 03]
Grad school: M.A. program in social work at the University at Buffalo

Representative Publications and Presentations

DiPirro, J. M., & Kristal, M. B. (2004). Placenta ingestion by rats enhances d- and k-opioid antinociception, but suppresses m-opioid antinociception. Brain Research, 1014, 22-33.

Doldan, K., Kristal, M. B., DiPirro, J. M., & Thompson, A. C. (2003). Intra-accumbal microinjection of Neuropeptide Y increases locomotor behavior in the rat. Program No. 757.19. 2003 Abstract Viewer/Itinerary Planner. Washington, DC: Society for Neuroscience. Online


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