About the Program: 

The field of psychology is broad and relevant to a variety of disciplines. The minor is offered for those students who wish to follow a systematic plan of study in psychology while completing a major in another department. Specifically, the minor is designed to give students a broad background in psychology. As designed, the minor is flexible and should meet the needs of many students. Accordingly, students should seek advisement to determine what courses would best suit their own particular interests and needs. To fulfill the requirements of the minor, students will be required to take 21 hours in psychology to be distributed in the following manner:

Program Requirements: 

Total Required Credit Hours 21 cr

A. Required Course (3 cr)
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology

B. Electives (18)
1. Students must choose at least one course from three of the following four areas (9cr)

a. Bio/Cognitive Psychology
PSY 304 Learning: Theory and Research
PSY 308 Sensation and Perception
PSY 321 Comparative Animal Psychology
PSY 330 Psychological Power of Language
PSY 340 Cognitive Psychology

b. Social/Developmental Psychology
PSY 325 Social Behavior
PSY 327 Adult Development and Aging I
PSY 355 Life-span Developmental Psychology
PSY 356 Child Development
PSY 357 Adolescent and Young Adult Development
PSY 370 Environmental Psychology I

c. Clinical/Applied Psychology
PSY 311 Personality: Theory and Research
PSY 365 Workplace Psychology
PSY 367 Organizational Psychology
PSY 375 Forensic Psychology
PSY 376 Health Psychology

d. Statistics
PSY 306 Statistics in Psychological Research

2. Students must complete two courses from the following (6 cr)
PSY 411 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 412 Community Psychology
PSY 415 Competent Infant
PSY 416 Abnormal Child Psychology
PSY 417 Atypical Infant
PSY 421 Physiological Psychology
PSY 427 Adult Development and Aging II
PSY 430 Psycholinguistics: Language Structures and Processes
PSY 432 Human Motivation and Emotion
PSY 440 Addictive Behaviors
PSY 441 Introduction to Neuropsychology
PSY 450 Research Methods
PSY 460 Legal Behavior
PSY 466 Personnel Psychology
PSY 470 Environmental Psychology II
PSY 471 History and Systems of Psychology
PSY 480 Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, and Procedures
PSY 481 Psychological Tests and Measurements

3. Any Additional three hours of psychology at the 300-400 level (3 cr)


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