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Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer S. Hunt

Associate Professor
(716) 878-3421
Campus Addess: Classroom Building C308

Dr. Jenn Hunt is a social psychologist whose research examines stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination, behavior in legal contexts, and the effects of gender, race, and culture in our daily lives. In addition to being a faculty member in the Psychology Department, Dr. Hunt serves as the Coordinator for the Women and Gender Studies program at Buffalo State. Dr. Hunt serves on the Editorial Board for Law and Human Behavior, and she is the past chair of the Minority Affairs Committee for the American Psychology-Law Society. 

Dr. Hunt earned her bachelor’s degree from Creighton University in 1995 and her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 2001. Prior to coming to Buffalo State in 2007, she was a faculty member at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


I work closely with students, involving them as collaborators in all aspects of psychological research. Students working in my lab have presented their work at both local and professional conferences and have been co-authors on manuscripts submitted for publication.  Undergraduate students in my lab have been accepted a number of graduate programs at schools such as the University at Buffalo, University of Texas-El Paso, Oklahoma State University, Ohio University, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln. They also have been accepted to law school, medical school, and physical therapy programs. My former graduate students are working in academic settings or researchers in applied settings.

Representative Publications

Maeder, E.M., & Hunt, J.S. (2011). Talking about a Black man: The influence of defendant and character witness race on juror’s use of character evidence.  Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 29, 608-620.

Schwartz, S.L., & Hunt, J.S. (2011). Sexual harassment trials involving Latina plaintiffs: Effects of a cultural relativist argument and juror background.  Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 29, 418-439.

Hunt, J.S., Armenta, B.E., Seifert, A.L., & Snowden, J.L. (2009). The other side of the diaspora: Race, threat, and the social psychology of evacuee reception in predominantly White communities.  Organization and Environment, 22, 437-447.

Armenta, B.E., & Hunt, J.S. (2009). Responding to societal devaluation: Effects of perceived personal and group discrimination on the ethnic group identification and personal self-esteem of Latino/Latina adolescents. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 12, 23-39.

Zhang, S., & Hunt, J.S. (2008). The stereotype rebound effect: Universal or culturally bounded process? Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 44, 489-500.

Ryan, C.S., Hunt, J.S., Weible, J.A., Peterson, C.R., & Casas, J.F. (2007). Multicultural versus color-blind ideology and its relation to out-group homogeneity and ethnocentrism among Black and White Americans.  Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 10, 617-637.

Hunt, J.S. (2007). Implicit bias and hate crimes: A psychological framework and critical race theory analysis.  In R.L. Wiener, B.H. Bornstein, B. Schopp, & S. Wilborn (Eds.), (Eds.), Legal Decision Making in Everyday Life: Controversies in Social Consciousness (pp. 247-265). New York: Springer.

Hunt, J.S., & Rothman, A.J. (2007). College students’ mental models for recognizing anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Appetite, 48, 289-300.

Hunt, J.S., Seifert, A.L., Armenta, B.E., & Snowden, J.L. (2006). Stereotypes and prejudice as dynamic constructs: Reminders about the nature of intergroup bias from the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 6, 237-253.

Hunt, J.S., & Budesheim, T.L. (2004).  How jurors use and misuse character evidence.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 84, 347-361.

Hunt, J.S., & Borgida, E. (2001). Is that what I said?: Witnesses’ responses to interviewer modifications.  Law and Human Behavior, 25, 583-604.

Selected Refereed Presentations

with Undergraduate Student Authors and Co-Authors (*)

Hunt, J.S., *Liu, S., *Fang, T.Y., & Zhang, S. (2008, May). Attitudes and stereotypes about undocumented workers: A cross-cultural comparison.  Poster presented at the Association for Psychological Science convention, Chicago IL.

*Nihlawi, R., & Hunt, J.S. (2009, August). Implicit racial stereotypes: Minority or majority focus? Poster presented at the American Psychological Association Convention, Toronto ON.

Hunt, J.S., & *Edick, A. (2009, March). Are judicial instructions about the use of character evidence an effective guide for jurors?  Poster presented at the meeting of the American Psychology-Law Society, San Antonio TX.

Hunt, J.S., & *Luttrell, A.L. (2010, January).  Prejudice against the relatively similar: Intergroup annoyance, not anxiety, predicts negative attitudes toward Canadians.  Poster presented at the meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Las Vegas NV.

*Ciminelli, A., *Nowak, H., & Hunt, J.S. (2012, May). Questioning Cinderella: Factors related to idealizing princesses and princes. Poster to be presented at the meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago IL.

Courses Usually Taught

  • Psychology of Social Behavior (PSY325)
  • Psychology of Gender (PSY387)
  • Advanced Legal Psychology (PSY460)
  • Senior Seminar on the Psychology of Diversity (PSY472W)

Research Interests

Stereotype activation and use;

behavior in legal contexts, especially juror decision making;

influences on gender identity, especially “princess culture;”

cultural influences on psychological and behavioral processes


Social Psychology Network Action Teaching Award, 2012

Muriel A. Howard Award for the Promotion of Respect for Diversity and Individual Differences, 2010

UNL Parents Association Certificate of Recognition for Contributions to Students, 2002, 2003, 2007

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