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Michael Zborowski

Michael J. Zborowski

Associate Professor
(716) 878-3011
Campus Address: Classroom Building C307

I have been a member of the faculty since 1991. As a licensed Clinical Psychologist, involved in consultative and clinical activities collateral to my academic endeavors, my emphasis in teaching and research reflects this applied, clinical focus. I coordinate our B.S. program in Clinical Psychology, enabling students the opportunity to specialize in applied coursework and scholarly research. I also appreciate the importance of providing students with direct practical experience in fostering their professional growth, and developed our department internship program some years ago.

Dr. Norvilitis and I currently rotate our role as department Internship Coordinator.

Representative Publications

Zborowski, M.J., Hartmann, E., Newson, M.A., & Banar, M. (2004).  The Hartmann Boundary Questionnaire: Two studies examining personality correlates and interpersonal behavior. Imagination, Cognition and Personality, 23, 45-62.

Hartmann, E., Zborowski, M.,  Rosen, R., & Gazells-Grace, N. (2001). Contextualizing images in dreams: More intense after abuse and trauma. Dreaming, 11, 115-125.

Hartmann, E., Zborowski, M. & Kunzendorf, R.  (2001).  The emotion pictured by a dream: An examination of emotions contextualized in dreams.  Sleep and Hypnosis, 3, 33-43.

Hartmann, E., Harrison, R., & Zborowski, M.  (2001).  Boundaries in the mind: Past research and future directions.  North American Journal of Psychology, 3, 347-368.

Zborowski, M.J. & McNamara, P.  (1998).  The attachment hypothesis of REM sleep: Toward an integration of psychoanalysis, neuroscience, and evolutionary psychology, with implications for psychopathology.  Psychoanalytic Psychology, 15, 115-140.

Zborowski, M.J. (1998).  A comprehensive investigation of putative correlates of Bulimia among college-aged women: Object relations, dependency, ego defenses, trait anxiety, and depression. Addictive Behaviors, 1, 47-55.

Greenberg, R.P., Bornstein, R.F., Zborowski, M.J., Fisher, S., & Greenberg, M.D. (1994).  A meta-analysis of Fluoxetine outcome in the treatment of depression.  Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 182, 547-551.

Zborowski, M.J. & Garske, J.P. (1993).  Interpersonal deviance and consequent social impact in hypothetically schizophrenia-prone men.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 102 (3), 482-489.

Courses Usually Taught

  • Abnormal Psychology (PSY 411)
  • Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, and Procedures (PSY 480)
  • Psychological Tests and Measurements (PSY 481)
  • Senior Seminar (PSY 472)
  • Internship (PSY 488)

Research Interests

Adult psychopathology; clinical service delivery; psychodynamic theory and application; and the empirical investigation of dreams

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