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Faculty Picture--1970s

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to identify creative and empirically-supported strategies to continually encourage and promote quality undergraduate education in psychology, with a focus on enhancing ongoing development of meaningful faculty-student engagement in the classroom, scholarship, and applied experiences.  This is accomplished in an environment that encourages faculty development, scholarly activity, and contribution to the field of psychological science.

The Initial Years

  • 1967 The department was established in September with Dr. Irene M. Hulicka as chair, although a limited number of Psychology courses had been taught previously by the Elementary Education Department
  • 1967-68 Approximately 600 students enrolled in Introductory Psychology and approximately 60 students enrolled in the three sophomore level courses (Learning, Perception and Statistics) which were offered.  Approximately 15 students had expressed an interest in majoring in Psychology
  • In the beginning, the department was housed in  Perry Hall and there were four faculty members:  Baker, Field, Hulicka, and Morganti.
    • It was noted that the library support for this new major was “fairly good” and that the library was “expending large sums to provide adequate support”
    • Facilities for the psychology major were described as “woefully inadequate” and the total budget for laboratory equipment was $500.  However, the future looked bright as the department would soon be moving into the new Social Science Classroom Building and laboratory equipment had been requested.
  • 1968-69  Rapid expansion of the course offerings was planned (Personality, Social, Abnormal, Motivation, and Experimental Psychology).
  • 1973 Department moved into what was called the New Classroom Building, where it has remained ever since

Initial Goals for the Major

These goals continue to define the department.

  • “To serve the college by offering courses in psychology which support programs in other departments and divisions and at the same time to build a strong liberal arts psychology major”.
  • Having an emphasis upon “behavioral theories, empirical laws and principles and the methodology for investigating behavior rather than on pre-professional training of an applied nature”.
  • “To prepare students to function efficiently in graduate programs in psychology.”
  • “To insure that all students who qualify as psychology majors have mastered a reasonable amount of core material pertaining to psychological theory and research.”
  • “To allow for maximum flexibility of course choice by students…”
  • “To allow for maximum flexibility in the development of the psychology program.”


Many Faculty have found the Psychology Department to fit their vision of what an Undergraduate Department Should Be 

Faculty Who have Retired from the Psychology Department

1967  Dr. Irene Hulicka, Retired 1991                    

1968  Dr. Jack Morganti, Retired 1999               

1969  Dr. Jerry Cataldo, Retired 2012           

1970  Dr. Bradley Lown, Retired 2003                  

1972  Dr. Virginia Wyly, Retired 1999             

1976  Dr. Gary Heiman, Retired 2010

1991  Dr. Michael Zborowski, Retired 2021

Irene Hulicka with students                 

Current Faculty of the Psychology Department

1977  Dr. Howard Reid                        

1978  Dr. Jurgis Karuza            

1982  Dr. Karen O’Quin

1992  Dr. Robert Delprino                                   

1996  Dr. Pamela Schuetze                                    

1997  Dr. Michael MacLean                                     

1997  Dr. Jill Norvilitis                                             

2000  Dr. Dwight Hennessy                                     

2001  Dr. Jean DiPirro                                            

2008  Dr. Stephani Foraker                                      

2016  Dr. Naomi McKay                                           

2018  Dr. Kimberly Kamper-DeMarco                       

Ongoing Impact on Students

Over the years, there has been an Expansion of the Department’s Degree Offerings:

  • BS program  
  • Child Advocacy Certificate Program                         
  • Gerontology Minor      
  • Minor in Psychology

There is a Continued Focus Upon Student Organizations and Research:

  • 1994 Society for Human Resource Management
  • 2009 Department Annual Creativity Celebration
  • 2010 Psychology Students Interested in Community Outreach
  • 2017 Hulicka Scholars Program 

Individualized Student Learning Experiences

We have responded programmatically to the desire of many students for enriched academic encounters and have strongly encouraged formal individualized experience options, such as independent studies, and especially the honor thesis.  This has led to numerous conference publications, posters, grants, and peer reviewed publications among our majors.  We take great pride in the scientific accomplishments of our majors and do everything we can to support such efforts.  What makes many of these so impressive is that they are competitive and limited honors from across the campus.  For example, the Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowships are awarded to approximately 15-20 students each year campus-wide (and distributed evenly across schools) yet we routinely have multiple award winners.  

Substantial Evidence of Undergraduate Student Success:

Our students have been awarded a remarkable number of BSC and SUNY-wide awards. 

Since 2002, the following students have received a Chancellor’s Award for Undergraduate Student Excellence:

Paulette Wydro (2002)     

Victoriya Magid (2003)     

Andrew Verity (2004)       

Francisco Lopez (2005)     

Sarah Wilson (2005)         

Jessica Bryant (2006)        

Nicole Maiorana (2006)      

Nija Marshall (2006)          

Kate Norwalk (2007)

Natale Sciolino (2008)

Morgan Morningstar (2012)

Kira Bruce (2013)

Leanna Kalinowski (2016)

Sasa Vann (2016)   

Carly Pershyn (2017) 

Lydia Sigurdson (2017)

Samantha Stanford (2018)   

Nicholas Gray (2019)

Students awarded a President’s Medal for Undergraduate Excellence since 2002:

Victoriya Magid (2003)       

Francisco Lopez (2005)                                  

Nicole Maiorana (2006) 

Natale Sciolino (2008) 

Sasa Vann (2016)

Vanessa Schieble (2020)

Our majors listed in Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges since 2013 (Program Discontinued after 2018):

Linda Banfield (2014) 

Tessa Bechtold (2014)

Veronica Darlow (2015)  

Shakila Randall (2015)

Leanna Kalinowski (2016)

Sasa Vann (2016)

Samuel Alfonso (2017) 

Michael Brunetto (2017)   

Carly Pershyn (2018)  

Lydia Sigurdson (2018)

Other recent student awards of note:

Shannon Coyne: Buffalo State College Outstanding Service-Learning Student (2016)

Shannon Coyne:  Buffalo State Undergraduate Intern of the Year (2017)

Michael Brunetto:  Buffalo State Volunteer of the Year (2017)

Nicholas Michalski: American Psychology-Law Society Undergraduate Paper Competition Winner (2018)

Addie Longmire: Mamie Phipps Clark Diversity Research Award (2019)

Patricia Russo:  Psychology Department Intern of the Year (2020)

Tatiana Seaborn:  Psychology Department Intern of the Year (2021)

Sara Mintz:  Psychology Department Intern of the Year (2022)

Katie Igielinski:  Buffalo State Volunteer of the Year (2022)

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