Student at a fair

Path to Success

There is a multitude of exciting career options in psychology and employer demand for psychology majors remains strong!

Your Next Chapter

With a degree in psychology as with other liberal arts degrees, you are prepared for jobs that require general training. Psychology majors are prepared for careers in human services, human resources, research, counseling, and other fields. If you want to work in psychology, you can work as a research assistant to a more highly trained person, or in various support positions in hospitals or clinics.

Getting Started

Start planning your career while you have plenty of time left in school. That way, you can tailor your experiences here to make sure that you will love your career later. The best place to start is with your adviser.

One good way to get started is through our internship program. An internship can help you choose with what population you want to work with, can give you local contacts (many students have received jobs through their internships), and can give you a boost if you choose to go to graduate school.

There are also many local agencies and businesses that have hired psychology graduates from Buffalo State in the past and many more that might hire you if your interests and skills match their needs.

Helping Professions

Bachelor’s degree

  • case worker
  • substance abuse counselor
  • child protection
  • behavior analyst
  • probation/parole officer
  • psychiatric technician
  • rehabilitation
  • family services
  • group home
  • employment counselor

Master’s degree

  • School psychologist
  • mental health counselor
  • social worker
  • family & marriage therapist
  • psychometrist

Doctoral degree

  • Clinical psychologist
  • behavioral neuroscientist
  • professor
  • researcher
  • counseling psychologist        

Other Career Fields

Bachelor’s degree

  • Customer service representative
  • HR
  • education
  • advertising
  • insurance agent
  • personnel administrator
  • administrative assistant
  • loan officer
  • public relations
  • occupational analyst
  • sales representative
  • small business owner
  • marketing researcher
  • employee counselor

Master’s/Doctoral degrees

  • teacher
  • consumer psychologist
  • professor
  • educational psychologist
  • consulting
  • marketing
  • human factors
  • law
  • public health/epidemiology
  • research & policy analysis
  • ministry/theology
  • government
  • media