Faculty giving a presentation

Scholars in the Classroom

A major defining value of the department is its commitment to the idea of a “teacher-scholar” (or as it is alternatively described “scholar in the classroom”) model. Our faculty members vary in terms of the relative emphasis of their research agenda, compared to the other areas of professional activity, and in what arenas their scholarship is expressed. 

Historically, the department has a clear expectation for faculty members to have a viable record in scholarship, in addition to an excellent program of teaching. This is reflected in the recognition the faculty have received.

Stephen B. Bellus, Ph.D.

Lecturer Buckham Hall A228G
Office: (716) 878-6404
Email: bellussb@buffalostate.edu
Scott G. Harvey

Scott G. Harvey, M.S.C.

Lecturer Buckham Hall A230
Office: (716) 878-6215
Email: harveysg@buffalostate.edu

Carol A. Wannemacher, Ph.D.

Lecturer Buckham Hall A228F
Office: (716) 878-6215
Email: wannemca@buffalostate.edu